Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happ I Ness....

Happiness can be explained in a number of ways depending on who you talk to.  Sometimes I think happiness is a fictitious concept that we all chase but haven’t met.  In the faces of many lies a fa├žade of happiness, a mirage that projects smiles and laughter overshadowing the frowns and tears.  Until death do us part. Does that mean when the heart stops beating or when the heart no longer beats as it once did? Happiness, yea it’s a beautiful thing and we are lucky if in this lyfe we see, feel or obtain a mere fraction of it.  Do relationships have an expiration date? If so maybe folks will start grabbing them from the back.  Do we preserve our relationships? Or do we leave them on counter to spoil, with all intentions to get it later? I wonder if that’s what happened to Will and Jada. 

I wonder if that is how God designed it, that the only true and lasting love would come from above. And that we would spend a lifetime in search of what’s virtually impossible to obtain for a substantial length of time.  God said man shouldn’t be alone so he created man a helper and called her woman.  I wonder why I have never read anything about their love.  I could be wrong but I simply cannot recall love being depicted throughout Genesis in regards to Adam and Eve. Why? Were they in love? Or were they just placed together for the purposes of multiplying and helping maintain the world that the God had created? 

Am I happy?  I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am.  It is amazing how in the still of the night the realizations that come to me.  As I reflect on how good God truly is and all that he has blessed me with. It pales in comparison to another because this lyfe and this time are mine and mine alone. I love my wife and my emotions are heightened with affection for her even in those moments of frustration to her imperfections.  So like Adam I too was given a woman, a helper, a partner and throughout the chapters so far my Love for her is mentioned time and time again.

"Happiness is selfless
So I exclude myself from the picture
But at your lowest moment, know that I am here with you"

By Unique