Friday, July 20, 2012

Fatal Truth

Stop Look and Listen
Look into their eyez
Listen to their cries
Internal bleeding it's a wonder how their still alive

Born into a lyfe of nothin
Poverty stricken
Offer their dream up for consumption
Swallow their pride
Tell their story

"In the lyfe and times of a juvie..." Criminal minds
Law and Order makes their lives shorter
Their doin time
Meds upon Meds
Now they've lost their mind
Leave them in that veggie state
Now that's a lonely place
All they do is eat, sleep and defecate

Now that just one facet of this story see
The truth is a lot of juvies are locked down cause they want to be
The system brings them in
They want to hold their hand
Then release them even though they don't understand
The need for respect
The purpose of manners
Their walkin out the doors
Their smilin for the cameras

It's politics...It makes me sick...It's a dirty game
But somehow I'm apart of it
I see what's goin down
When I look around
But I don't say a thing
Because that money green
Bills are gettin paid...stackin chips put them back for them rainy days

Now that's damn shame
I've silenced my voice
I could speak the truth
But who am I to tell these crooks what they need to do
I aint ever scared to tell it like it is
But I have obligations...I have a wife and kids

We live in a world where money talks and moral walk
Say too much much and find your body outlined in the chalk
Like MLK and Malcolm X even Kennedy had that scope aimed at his neck
How quickly we forget
The victims of the cover ups
The plots and the set ups
You often pay the price when you stand up

But even still....

Lyfes a precious gift...Take it away and I guarantee I'll be missin it
With the blue skies...Sunsets
A billion plus folks I haven't met yet
Touched yet
Connect with....We can build but then tell me what's next
keep it movin ...without regret
I'm on my grind losin time so I aint slept
Scratch the surface
Where's my purpose
Fulfill my dream... then close the curtain.......I'M Done!

By Unique