Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Welcome to "The Bowser Bunch".  We are a family of 7 strong, 1 beautiful woman, 1 beautiful teenage girl who thinks she is grown (smirk) 3 beautiful lil girls, 1 teenage boy (yea I know what a shame...smirk) and last but not least, ME, the Man of the Bunch.  To say there is never a dull moment is an understatement, between work, school, workouts, sports events for the kids, housework, diaper changes, and pot training, trying to fit in quality time with everyone is tough....but we make it work.

Our family consists of a lot of characters with different personalities, a competitive bunch we are so playing household games can get pretty lively.

So stay tuned for regular updates surrounding  TBB and all the madness ;)

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