Saturday, June 25, 2011

the small things....

I wish our kids would continue to love "the small things" in life like they do when they are 2.

For instance, when I wash Kihanna's blanket, she runs around the house with such excitement telling everyone "my blanket is washed, my blanket is washed." When I buy her strawberries, fruit snacks, or any one of her favorite treats she gives me the biggest hug and says "thank you mommy!!" She is so excited when I make popcorn, loves it when I tell her we are going to "header's", and is the first one to come running to me when I walk in the door from work.

They say its the "terrible twos" but I have a feeling come 3 and 4 years old this small stuff that is exciting her now won't be so exciting anymore.....and I will be wishing for those so-called terrible twos again.

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  1. I know I don't have kids, BUT - I think there will be new things your kids will appreciate that are just as great. I know as we grow older we stop appreciating the small things but we grow to appreciate "bigger" things... Like when you wouldn't let us go to that party and we were so mad at you, but now looking back are so glad. You know, things like that.

    And I miss little Kiki. She can't turn 3 or 4.