Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Remix

Definitions of Remix:
as an alternative version of a recorded song, made from an original version.
to mix again.

Or my own personal definition....take a song and give it a second go around by possibly put someone new in it (ex...jay-z, justin timberlake, or rihanna) make the beat a little faster, a little "funner", and make me want to run it back on replay (haha). 

I define my life, the Bowser Bunch, as a remix...and God was the producer.

Both Unique and I had an original song. We had the first version of our life in our previous marriages...but the intent all along was the REMIX. I mean I know when I hear the remix of a song I rarely go back and listen to the original cuz I like the new version better. For instance, JLo has a song called I'm Real...but I can't even tell you how the original goes cuz the one that is stuck in my head and that I will remember is the remix version with Ja Rule. It's just in general a better song. So is my life...it's a second go around..we aren't a blended family we are a REMIX. And no matter how busy my day is, no matter how many times Amaria screams at me cuz she figures that's how she communicates in this loud family...I'll run this remix back on replay all day! (Trae on the drums, Kiki on the keyboard, Day on the guitar, Kel mixin, Nique on the vocals, and Me and the Munchkin back up

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