Thursday, July 21, 2011

Short and Sweet...

‎"I shoulda listened when they spoke those between the lines and seen the truth in the lies... so now ima ride this wave even if it be the death of me...let the vultures feed until there's nothin left of me my heart on my sleeve expect nothin less from me." By Unique

‎"Love is like can't expect everyone to CALL, some will only CHECK but most will choose to FOLD without even trying" By Unique

5 seconds I knew u were special/After 5 minutes I knew u were 1 of a
kind/After 5 hours all I could do is imagine n wonder how after 5 days
this could have eva of happen/After 5 months it was a wrap I was
sold/Realizing wat I found was more precious than gold/It was a yr
and some change b4 we took those vows/And
5 months after I still feel like WOW!...." By Unique

‎"By opening yourself up to other peoples views and opinions you will either be enlightened or strengthened in your own understanding" By Unique

‎"Neva sell your soul for monetary gain, Lyfe is a game so if you're losin that's a shame. Politics, Religion the hustle is the same, all a man has is his character and" By Unique

‎"I'm boycottin Valentines, I don't need a DAY... to tell my lady that she's mine, how much I need her and that she's on my mind. EVERYDAY I try to show her love, doing little things...just because. I might rub her feet while she takes a nap, I got the house work and the kids boo.....just relax." By Unique

‎"Sometimes we get too busy and that's unfortunate, our days go 100 miles an hour and we're missing every bit of it, goals have been set and we sacrifice so much in pursuit of it, we've created a race against time and we're losing it..." By Unique

A yr ago 2morrow I said "I DO",
"I DO" to all the things known and unknown,
"I DO" to the expected and even the unexpected,
"I DO" to a lifelong commitment to loving her, giving her my very best...and even then I reach deeper for the rest.
"I DO" to every situation, unconditionally the words resonated through me, fearful that my best would be less than she deserved, I stood tall and just let them fall...." By Unique

‎"I used to wear pain like a badge
I carried hurt like luggage
With my eyez wide shut
I thought I saw the truth but it wasn't
Nothin but lies in that fairytale, lost in that mental jail
I broke free, spread my i see very well."
By Unique

“Mental weakness is a form of slavery, bound and shackled, vulnerable to the controlling force of its master…laughter is disengaged when the seriousness is realized, and foolishly we rationalize the truth and the lies… in hope to keep alive that weakness…that sickness..‎Mental strength is how we become empowered to combat these vices…these habits…it’s the things we really want to walk away from but we reach back and grab it. It doesn't matter how long or short the list, some people are oblivious and don’t even know their…..Mental Weakness” By Unique.

‎"For every father who has failed to answer the call I can give you a mother who has also dropped the ball. So lets take a moment to recognize the MEN holding it down, doing their best without a script, without wavering....not even a little bit" By Unique

‎"Being a father isn't about being perfect, it's about staying the course, caring enough to sacrifice the short term for the benefits of the long term to release to the world a better extension of you." By Unique

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